15 Things Which Look Familiar To Every Single

Even though having your freedom and independence can be great, being single is also a pretty tough and lonely existence. Whether you like being single or not you’ll find yourself in some of these pics. Let us know which is your favorite meme.

We all had those unexpressed affairs

When you not even try anymore
changing my relationship status from single to still singleThe struggle of dating people via internet

13188_2430597133716276_4834275257662134708_nBea gets a whole new meaning
How could that be?
638d7bb7fb99a54ef3bdd9b4542745Your previous life is all for nothing
11082436_1085395034858919_3479358082773933284_oWhen you lose your fait

No more good night texts
11102917_2326348080807849_8042703038536000308_nThe creepy stalker who gives you the feeling of being taken
1897771_2294997193942938_2409138462043754490_nYou should begin in a small way

Yep, this is you. No more double dates
11008605_2311453948963929_8271441825077493889_nYou probably know that
11061682_2464696006973055_7932948031290995027_nEven though being single can be fun, it’ also a pretty lonely existence10176122_2284214601687864_2819072891786957230_n

Feeling confirmed when your ex downgrades

when you bumb into your ex and he downgraded

via tumblr

Never give up hope. There is someone searching for you.



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